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PETREM DISTRIBUCIÓ, S.A., is a company that was founded in 1992 as a result of the takeover of family companies that, since 1967, had already been in the fuel and lubricant business.

As a consequence of a constant policy of modernization and means self-sufficiency, PETREM has an important fleet of vehicles and means transport that enables it, at all times, to carry out the necessary supplies from port terminals to its customers and the filling stations from its central depot, situated in Figueres, guaranteeing security, quality and speed in the supplies, weight control and volume.

Thanks to its technical and professional infrastructure, PETREM has maintained its independence at all levels, so that it is now a company with one hundred per cent Empordà capital. Not being linked to any oil company enables it to remain in the free market and take advantage of the highly beneficial conditions and qualities of the national and international markets.